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The Story of My First Trip to Europe: Part Two


Following our smooth trip on the Eurostar, we arrived in a train station in Paris. I pulled up the directions on my phone and figured out the needed train on the Metro (subway) to get to our hotel.

A note about speaking the language.... I studied French all through high school, and for two years in college. I was only two courses away from a French minor.  In anticipation of the trip, I did some modules on the language app Duolingo, and listened to a few podcasts (Coffee Break French) about dining out, hotels, etc. I was SURE that I had enough to do fine, and that the rest would just come back to me as I started using it. I was WRONG.

So, luckily, the ticket machines let you select English, and after a frustrating few minutes trying to figure out our way, we were on the Metro and arriving at our stop at Montparnasse Bienvenue. We walked the block and a half to our hotel.

When we got out of the subway station, we saw some stereotypical Parisian scenes: cute old buildings with ir…

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