How to Sit Less.

I had an epiphany when talking to my fiance about my weight gain. I've dieted on and off to try to lose it, I've started and quit exercise plans, and I end up feeling overwhelmed and failing. I'd never really thought about and analyzed exactly why I weigh what I weigh, until this recent conversation.

He asked me a simple question: what's different about your life now than when you weighed less?

As I started talking about this, I realized it: I sit now.

I sit all day at work, when I used to have a job that had a lot more walking around. I sit when I get home and watch tv, but I used to have younger kids that required a lot more work, more chasing, more cleaning. I have more free time in the evenings than when I was single; I went out to meet friends more, went dancing, took classes, went to the park, went for bike rides... and now, I come home, cook dinner, and "relax."

Aha! The answer is SITTING.

I hate going to gyms. I try and try, and I just can't make myself do it. And for me, it takes tons of effort to clear the coffee table, load up a workout DVD and spend the time doing it, especially with the interruptions of the dog, kids, fiance, phone, etc.

Maybe instead of trying again to begin a strict workout regimen, I just need to not sit so much. Stop spending so much time perusing facebook, reading blogs, watching tv, and be more active. Do projects around the house, meet the girls for fun activities, go for longer walks with the dog.

So, that's the radical weight-loss plan for now: sit less.

I'm optimistic.


  1. I love this post, and i am up for meeting for doggie walks anytime :D actually i need to get our pups in shape for the mut strut :D


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