Light Schedule

my calendar

My sister asked me if I was doing anything big this week. I took a look at my calendar to see what all I had planned. The conversation went a little something like this:

"Oh, I don't have that much on my calendar. Just volunteering with the NFL Experience for a few hours Saturday, and then working that 15 hour shift at the stadium during the Super Bowl. Oh, and my daughter has a choir competition Saturday morning. And of course my parenting class at church on Wednesday. And we are taking the kids downtown to the NFL Experience Tuesday night. But not too much."

I also work a full time job. And this feels like a light week.

Now, most weeks I'm not working at Super Bowl events a couple days a week, but there's something in it's place. Parties my friends are having, other volunteer obligations, kids' events, family get-togethers, random side jobs I find (like working Race expos), the half marathon I signed up for, etc.

I'm blessed to have the opportunity to volunteer, and to have friends that like to do lots of fun stuff, and kids that have school events, and many other things. But if you invite me to do something, and I decline so I can stay home and have a glass of wine on my couch, don't give me too hard a time about it. I probably have a light schedule that week of about 12 events after work.


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