Our Wedding: invites

Narrowing the guest list was something we thought would be easy. It wasn't. But we got through.

Invitations were another thing I wasn't worried about until it was time to order.

Having a wedding for 30 people is generally pretty easy. Until you have to decide which 30 to invite, and how much money you can justify spending on 25 invitations.

After spending far too much time on the bargain websites, finding nothing we liked, I headed over to a more expensive site just to compare. And of course, we immediately found an invitation we loved. My ideal budget of about $50 was gone, because these were going for almost $4 a piece! I spent a long time debating, and finally decided that, since I saved a lot on my dress, we should just go for the invites we loved.

After a coupon I found online, I spent $100 on 25 awesome invitations. That's almost as much as I spent on my dress, but they spoke to us, and really, that's priceless.

After those were ordered, we headed to the jewelry store and found his ring, which I paid for out of my savings account. While this was a large sum of money, it felt AMAZING to just pay for it, without stressing about financing or bargain hunting. He loved it, and will wear it forever. Not like invitations, that will get thrown out.

Our marriage will not be invitations or centerpieces or a dress. It will be commitment that we will display on our hands forever. And I won't be bargain-hunting for that. He sure didn't. :D


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