My Wedding: No pastries, please.

Some girls want a dress that looks like a frosted cupcake.

Some girls need a "princess" dress that makes them feel like Cinderella.

And then other girls, like me, just want an elegant, simple, white-ish gown to feel pretty in on their wedding day.

The third option is harder to find than you might think.

I have scoured the internet, shopped bridal and department stores, and stalked Pinterest and The Knot like it was my JOB. And I came up empty handed.

As an alternative, I started looking at mall and department stores' websites for white dresses, and came up with several options! They aren't necessarily wedding dresses, but they are white or ivory and pretty and fit in with our budget wedding plan. I ordered a lovely, simple gown from a store that the First Lady is rumored to have purchased many dresses. And I got it half off, for $125 with shipping.

I plan to dress it up with accessories and an adorable birdcage veil. And I don't have to look like a cupcake, have a 3 foot-long train, or spend $1000. And the best part, is that if I decide I don't want it, I can return it to the local store and get all my money back.

I love the internet. :)


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