Flowy Tops

Last Thursday, I got asked by two separate strangers at work WHEN I WAS DUE. As in, you obviously look pregnant, so I should ask about it. Please note, I am most certainly not pregnant.

I was wearing a top that was a bit flowy, but have worn it many times and have never been asked this. And frankly I don't think I looked pregnant at all.

I've been quite disturbed about it. I dealt with my sorrow and shame with a half (3/4) bottle of wine.

If any readers don't know me or haven't seen me in a while, I'm 5'6" and weigh about 145 lbs. I'm not obese, though I am working to lose ten pounds.

The best part is when the second stranger asked me, upon my rejection of the whole "pregnant" assumption, if I was getting enough sleep or have had my thyroid checked. Really? You just wrongly assumed I was expecting; perhaps you should just be quiet now.

Today I listened to the podcast of This American Life (google it and listen free online) and the opening story was an interview with a girl from the tv show, "I didn't know I was pregnant." She was asked if anyone ever suggested to her that she might be with child. She answered no, because of course no woman would ever point out to another that they've added some bulk around the waist line. The host closed sarcastically by saying, "If you take one thing away from our program, please let it be to always, always ask a woman who has gained weight if she is pregnant." It was a joke, people. Don't actually do that.

Yes, maybe by not asking, some poor lady will have a baby in her toilet. But you might also cause an otherwise sane young woman to cry at work and drink 3/4 of a bottle of wine. And throw away all her comfy tops.


  1. There's a guy at Sam's Club on 96th street that ALWAYS asks me if I'm pregnant. We go to the check out and he's like, "and when are we due?" When I answer that I'm not, he then asks, "Oh, did we just have a baby?" He's dodged my tazer a few times (by the sheer fact that I can picture the headline now..."NHS-FC Nurse tazes Cashier in the nether regions"). You do NOT look pregnant. Next time nicely tell them you noticed they'd gained some weight and ask if they'd like to attend your aerobics class with you ;0) Pretty sure that'll shut them up.


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