Cuss Words

I got called the B word at work today by a customer angry about her overdraft fees. This is not all that unusual an occurrence actually, which is sad. I wasn't rude or anything, just couldn't solve her problem like she wanted and it had to be my fault somehow, in her mind.

Working in a bank is frankly no fun. Some people may like it, but try as I may, I tend to struggle in seeing the good parts and often see the ugly ones. It's not ALL bad, but it certainly doesn't feel like I want it to. Makes me wanna say cuss words lots of days. Sorta like that lady. I just can't really blame anyone like she did.

My teenage daughter got grounded this week for using cuss words in her text messages. Not a fun situation for any of us. But it got me thinking about my own explicit language. I use expletives more than I should. As I told my daughter, it's possible to be clever and witty and cool without using such words. So why is it that when I'm worked up for some reason, I freely let the cuss words fly? Do I think it's cool? Does using the F word in adjective form make me come across as passionate, or crass and classless?

I think perhaps I should be evaluating my OWN language as I'm trying to monitor my daughter's. I've been working on it, and have found that replacing the S word with "poop" is funny and, in my opinion, cute. It's so juvenile that it's quite possibly endearing. Sometimes I say, "poopy" even, and chuckle a little to myself.

Readers, do you cuss much? Ever let an expletive fly in the wrong situation?


  1. I can SOOOO picture you at the drive up window, loads of cash in your hand, wearing a smart suit and saying "poop" with class. The thought makes me chuckle too :o)

  2. Admittedly, i use cuss words WAY too much when i am upset, and sadly - around my kids too :( I feel like sometimes, until I drop a really bad word... they won't listen! I totally need to work on my temper.


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