Tonight at dinner, I started to talk about how amazing my fiance is, and then thanks to two glasses of wine, I think it ended up sounding like, "well, he buys me presents and is really nice and stuff."

That's not really what I was going for in that message. But, you know, wine and everything...

I need to write vows in the near future for our wedding ceremony, and I haven't really started planning for that yet, so here I will attempt to right the wrong I did to my relationship at dinner and also inspire myself for future vow-writing sessions. I really don't know how to make this a post that will benefit anyone other than me, but encourage you to read on anyway for purely selfish reasons. ;)

Reasons Matt is the bomb:
- He surprises me with little presents that he knows I will love, for no reason at all.
- He makes my kids laugh, and thinks of them without prompting, picking up a video game he knows they'll like, or treats at the grocery, or tickets to a movie.
- He helps them with their homework and sits up with me to discuss parenting problems and help me solve them.
- He tells me I'm beautiful all the time.
- He plays with my hair (which is something I absolutely love) frequently, without being asked and without acting like it's a chore.
- When we get upset with each other, he will talk with me about the source of the problem, where we had communication issues, and how we can fix it.
- When we are in a fight, he uses the "recovery" tactics we learned in our relationship books and tries to stop the fight from escalating, even when I'm still trying to yell and be mad.
- He enthusiastically supports things that I want to do that may or may not be silly, like buying a domain name for my simple little blog, just because I want to.
- He promises to take me to France.
- He makes up silly songs in the morning to make me laugh even though I'm a grump in the morning.
- He acts like my crazy neuroses are cute.
- He gives great hugs, and is the Best. Kisser. Ever.
- He talks in cutesy voices to our pets.
- He tells me I need to relax more.
- He is more supportive and kind and thoughtful than anyone I've ever known.

This is just the list I came up with of the top of my head in like five minutes! Imagine how long it could be if I devoted more time? :)

I am so very grateful I found this guy.


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