This post is awesome.

There was an article circulating the internet a while back that basically said the reward of parenthood is so low, that parents must convince themselves they are happy and fulfilled, even though they are not. (Read it here.) That it is actually not as fantastic as people say, because those people are lying to themselves.

I want to disagree, but I can't. Because I may just have convinced myself too.

I've wondered the same thing about my new job lately. I'm really excited about the job and the company, and find myself talking about how awesome it is every chance I get. And I do believe it. But what if you started a new job at a company that you think isn't all that great? After you've given up another job, tenure and benefits, and announced that you are now committing most of your waking hours to this new venture, can you allow yourself to believe it's not better?

What parts of your life do you think are awesome, because for self-preservation you simply have to believe it? Your relationship? Friendships? That new car you worked so hard to purchase? The outfit you shopped for days to find for a big night out?

And having said that, doesn't just believing something is awesome make it so? If I think my three year old Kia Optima is the best car I've ever had, then it IS. And if it is the best car I've ever had, does it matter that much that it's not a Lexus or a Ferrari?

Here's where you can get yourself in trouble. If I decided that I couldn't believe my car was awesome, because there are possibly other cars out there that would be better, then I'd never be happy. But if I say to myself, "My car is great, because I think it's a cute little sedan, and I like the color, and the gas mileage is good, and it's the first car I bought brand new off the lot, which was a great accomplishment for me!" Then darn it, my car is awesome for all those reasons.

Is it possible for anything to be empirically awesome?

I've decided that it is of no use to over-think it. If you believe it's awesome to be a parent, live in the midwest, or  have been blessed with a knack for grammar, then it IS. Don't question it. Make your decision and embrace it.


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