Scavenger Hunt

Last Saturday, despite my intense desire to sleep in, I woke up at 7 to meet two girlfriends for rummage sale shopping. I hadn't done this in years, and I thought it sounded like fun. Needing nothing in particular, I took out $80 in cash in case I came across something I couldn't live without.

The two ladies I was with were mostly in the market for kids and baby items, so I joyously ooh-ed and aww-ed over the little baby clothes, and kept an eye peeled for something I might like. And look what I found!
How sophisticated ladies (with no small kids) shop at rummage sales.
I bought an awesome pair of like-new heels, a book that had recently been recommended to me, and a martini shaker. Success, no?

More valuable than the $5 worth of items I purchased was the laughs and conversation with my girls. We even checked off some items on our impromptu Rummage Sale Scavenger Hunt. Things like ten bowling balls, used bras, and a rummage sale rival (seriously, that lady would not get out of our way!) I think I like this type of shopping with friends. It's a lot more exciting and interesting than the mall.


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