Dear Journal, entry one.

Dear Journal,
You were once a blog. But I have decided now that you are a journal. I don't usually keep a journal, because I frankly find physically writing things by hand on paper way too slow and inefficient. In attempts to write blogs that others will find interesting....I never write blogs anymore. The details of my life are hard to evaluate for their value to others anecdotally. But I recently read "The Paris Wife," which tells the story of Ernest Hemingway's first marriage, and so many details of their few years together seem to be preserved, and I realized I want that for myself. I want to go back and know how I spent the ordinary weeks of my ordinary life, because for me, those ordinary details are everything.

To begin, I'd like to recap some recent happenings:
My daughter turned 15 and got her first driving lesson from her dad.
My son plays this computer game, Minecraft, like it's his JOB. He and his best friend spend all day doing it this summer break.
I watched Borat with my dear friend Rachel and laughed and laughed. This is like the 2367545 time we've seen it.
I recently started working from home, and I get to wear comfy clothes and not drive to work. It's pretty nice.
I got attacked by my mom's vicous dog this week. It lunged at me, and though I jumped back out of its reach just in time, it's teeth stuck my leg and barely broke the skin, but hit me with such force I have bruises!
Matt and I spent the day eating barbeque, browsing an antique store, and shopping for dresses. He's a wonderful husband.

 I intend to blog about my wedding and honeymoon soon, for any interested parties, and for posterity... so I can read about this amazing time in my life later, and remember this happiness.



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