I started working from home a few weeks ago, and it's been quite an interesting experience! A few things are going on:

1. I get up in the morning, eat breakfast, and walk to my desk. No need to shower right away, put on a suit, wear makeup and jewelry, rush around, put gas in the car, etc. I just shower on my lunch break and put on new comfy clothes.

2. I have all day, while talking on the phone to my students, to look around my house at all the things I need to do but haven't gotten around to, like organizing closets and drawers. It's become a sickness, I'm afraid to say. Instead of relaxing on my breaks during the day, I find a ten minute project in the house I can tackle. While my vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms hasn't increased in frequency, my family now knows where nothing is because I have changed the storage location of many household items due to my reorganization. I do feel it's a great improvement though!

3. I rarely leave the house now, and rarely put on real clothes. This was something I swore I wouldn't do, but it's so much more comfy to wear yoga pants and a t-shirt at my desk all day than jeans!

I really feel like it hasn't fully sunk in yet that this is my REAL job. I am busy working all day, don't get me wrong (in fact, it's annoying because I have to stare at the stuff I want to clean for HOURS before I can do anything about it) but I still feel like I'm on some sort of vacation or hiatus.

Well, it's time I start on tonight's project: organizing my scrapbook supplies. If this doesn't settle down soon, I'm going to need to seek treatment.


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