Emma in a million words or less

Second in a two-part series about my children, inspired by a request by my son's teacher to send in an essay about our child. Please read on (this post and the previous) to see how awesome my kids are. Thanks!

Emma is a wonderful girl.

It's a good thing my favorite mode of sharing things with the world via the internet isn't Twitter, because I'd be almost out of characters by now. But Emma loves Twitter. It's the new, hip way to communicate with friends if you are a teen, and Emma is a pro. She boasts about her number of tweets. And she loves it.

She's a wonderfully outgoing person, and just like she loves to speak to thousands on Twitter, she's equally as expressive in real life. One of her best qualities is her ability to talk to anyone. She's friendly and personable, and has a killer smile. She's even great at talking in front of groups (which she did not get from me) and led worship at church for the preschool classes (4 of them!) for a couple of years! This involves her preparing a short lesson, teaching the children, and leading them in songs and dance. Pretty remarkable for such a young lady!

She wants a job someday that involves travel and importance and creativity. I'm certain she'll be great at whatever career she chooses, because she's a very smart girl. She's got serious goals for herself where grades are concerned, and wants to go to IU after high school.

She's really on a creative streak right now, related directly to nail polish. The girl paints her nails daily to match her outfit, and finds really neat designs and techniques online that she perfects. She's also learned the value of bargain hunting in fashion and finds cute outfits with her natural fashion sense.

 She's thoughtful and kind, despite her teenage tendencies to sometimes act her age.  She speaks with maturity about real issues, and has a great amount of empathy for others, which makes me incredibly proud. She always tells me she loves me, and in an impressive show of self-awareness, came up to me after we argued the other night to apologize for snapping at me. I snapped at her, too, and I was very humbled by her apology, because it showed such a great growth in character at such a young age.

My sophomore, Emma, is a beautiful, caring, smart, clever girl, and I'm unbelievably grateful to be her mom.


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