Ethan in a million words or less.

With the start of the new school year, one of my son's teachers asked that we send in a summary about our child in "a million words or less." What a great opportunity to put down in writing how great my kid is! What follows is my submission. I will do the same for my daughter, not for an assignment, but just to remember who they are at this age. Please read on and see what cool kids I have. 

Ethan is a super cool kid.

He takes after his mom with his love for reading. He's always loved to read, but sadly electronics like his ipod and the laptop with his favorite game, Minecraft, have taken away the free time he used to spend with books.  He's also always been a great student. Never the kid you have to remind to do homework; he just does it. Parent teacher conferences in elementary school were always a pleasure to attend. It was usually the same sort of thing; "Ethan is a great kid, he does his work, he's helpful, he's nice to others." One conference in particular really stands out, however. In third grade, his teacher told me that whenever she moved seats around, she always felt a little bad for Ethan, because she always sat him near the more difficult kids. The ones with behavior issues that other kids didn't get along with. Because he was the student who got along with everyone, and would be able to stay focused around the troublemakers. Can you even get a more positive report from a teacher about your child?

He's really bright too. He's in the advanced math course this year, and made Honors strings. I coerced him a bit into signing up for violin. He was hesitant at first, until he found out it's the same instrument as a fiddle, just played differently, and then he was interested. He even played the violin at my wedding this summer!

He takes after his dad as well. He has a natural athletic ability and a knack for being a jokester, just like him.  He does a back flip into his bed most nights when I come in to say goodnight. He was just in his first Cross Country meet tonight, after signing up late and having zero training, and placed really well!

He has a best friend, also named Ethan, and they hang out together a lot since they live close to each other. They skateboard and ride bikes together, and they have a Youtube channel where they make funny videos.

We talk about college at home a lot since Ethan has an older sister, but he hasn't indicated yet what he hopes to be when he grows up. He is developing a lot of particular tastes though, in things like clothes (he loves skinny jeans) and food (he hates almost everything the first time he tries it.) Maybe his particularity in those things will carry over into his goals for the future someday.

I'd summarize who I believe my son is by saying that he is funny, smart, kind, responsible, and super cool. And I'm blessed to get to watch him grow up. 


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