Video Games

I'm no good at video games. I'm married to man that loves them. This is why I attempted to play a video game last night with embarrassing consequences.

You see, the last time I played a "real" video game was when Super Nintendo was the new thing. I'm not counting apps on my iPhone or the wii, because tilting a wiimote for Mario Kart or dancing (attempting to dance) with a wiimote in my hand does not count.

But when Matt suggested we play this new game he'd heard about last night instead of watching a movie, I was up for it, in efforts to be a good wife and all. But Matt wasn't feeling well, and in an attempt, I believe, to get me interested in video games, he suggested I play and he'd watch.

What resulted was Matt dealing with a constant stream of this:
"I don't know what to do."
"Where do I go?"
"I'm not doing it right."
"is that thing gonna kill me?"
"Ok, now what do I do?"
"No I already pushed that!"

Probably not fun for him.

But for regular game players, a lot of stuff becomes instinctual. They understand what to do. They develop a sense of direction. I was turned around and lost the whole time. I miss those Mario games where you just go straight.

That said, I actually enjoyed myself. The game was GORGEOUS, especially on our big, fancy tv.

The photo is my attempt at taking a picture of my tv which clearly does not do the game's beauty any justice.

Though it is beautiful and the music is amazing, after this I'll just go back to shooting birds from a slingshot, because frankly I'm still lost. I'm obviously not meant to be a gamer.


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