Go ahead and sing the chorus of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's song in your head. I'll wait.

**OH MY GOSH. In trying to fact-check my crediting of the song, "Summertime," (was DJ Jazzy Jeff really credited first?) I came across this little nugget: apparently Will Smith made a smoother, slower remix of this song just this summer! See article here. 
Isn't the internet fun?

As I was saying. Summertime is almost over, and I am getting sad about it. I had to buy school supplies and clothes for my children. My plans of getting an actual tan never materialized. The pool will close soon, the fairs will be over, and the flip flops will be retired for the season. I took the photo above last night while riding around in my husband's fancy convertible. One of our favorite summer activities that will also come to an end soon.

In honor of that, I thought I'd recount for my internet-based, public journal, all the cool things that I've done this summer:

-Attended my very own bridal shower and bachelorette party
-Got married
-Went to Niagara Falls, and left the United States for the first time
-Took pictures of my children with statues of animals at the Indiana State Fair and rode an actual train for the first time (aside from the Metro in DC which is really not the same as riding in historical passenger cars from the 1930's! see this link)
-Flew for my second trip ever, and for the first time went somewhere WEST of Chicago! Got to see the Mormon Temple and The Great Salt Lake.
-Went to my first Indy 500
-Had lots of dinners, pool parties, cookouts, and drinking on patios.

The kids and I are heading to New Buffalo, Michigan, to visit my sister Mandy (and the beach) this Friday, and then summer is officially OVER. I know this because the kids start school next week and football begins (we're going to the first Colt's preseason game Sunday). These are the two official markers of the beginning of fall. And I'm gonna miss you, Summer.


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