Be Pretty If You Can.

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I like blog posts with pictures in them. I really think it adds something special to put a little visual interest in. And since I have no particular blog post with corresponding photos, this post will be a mash up of interesting (at least to me), previously unshared iphone photos. Enjoy.

My distinguished, smarter looking husband.

My husband entertained the idea of having glasses one day. Completely taking for granted that he has perfectly fine vision, he decided glasses for vanity reasons could be a good idea. Presumably because he is relatively young in his profession and they could make him look older and more sophisticated.  I teased him relentlessly, and then bought him cheap reading glasses from the dollar store for his birthday. They make him look distinguished, no?

My two vastly different black and white coats.

On a recent Goodwill store trip looking for shelves, I stumbled across a lovely coat from the Limited for $10! I excitedly snatched it up and showed it to my husband when I got home. "Dont you already have a coat that looks like that?" he asked. I may happen to own a Cynthia Rowley coat in a similar color scheme but with vastly different styles, so no, I don't. :) 

My daughter tweeted a text conversation we had recently. And it made my day. #teenmomproblems

This photo is something I found online a year ago, and absolutely LOVED, so I took a screenshot of it. It's a brilliant life philosophy for ladies if you ask me. And something I definitely want to teach my daughter.

Find anything interesting when you go through your photos on your phone?


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