Bills, Bills, Bills.

Since I work from home, I find myself looking at things around the house that need addressed at random times during the day, like on my lunch break. Sometimes, my personality makes me do things RIGHT THIS SECOND compulsively, (unless of course I am not on a break and have to be working.) For example, I might decide that the way things are organized in our pantry is chaos, and I immediately start searching the house for things I can repurpose to use as organizational features in the pantry I'm about to empty and refill. Or maybe I decide that I NEED a new rug by the front door, and thus go shopping and wander Meijer until I've looked at all the rugs fifteen times and they aren't right, but everything else is closed and I NEED a rug tonight!

Yesterday, during my lunch break, while waiting on the soup in the microwave to be ready, I noticed the pile of bills on the counter. This is where they live. I've tried baskets, but those just end up filled with lots of other papers and the bills get lost. I also have a mail organizer in a kitchen cabinet meant for organizing these papers. But when I put the bills there, they are no longer in my sight and I forget about them, until I have a panicked thought while driving down the street, wondering when exactly it was last that I paid the light bill. So, on the counter, right where I can always remember them, is where they stay.

Until now. It occurred to me that putting the bills on the side of the refrigerator in some sort of holder would be convenient, because they'd still be right where I could see them, but not ON the counter. I started gathering materials; scrapbook cardstock, an old magnetic clip, and a Pinterest project staple--spraypaint. Then I took the old clip outside and painted it. (Sorry, Indiana State Police, but your logo doesn't match my cardstock.)

I then folded the cardstock and taped the back to create a nice little pocket. Once the paint was dry, I stuck the magnetic clip to the fridge to hold my new pouch for bills. And voila, a five minute solution to an annoying stack of bills on the counter.

It's SUPER nerdy how excited I was about this little craft. :)


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