Blog Love

I love blogs. Pinterest has turned me on to some new ones recently, and then I follow links in those blogs and find more awesome blogs! I thought I'd share some recent favorites for your reading pleasure.

You need to understand something about what I do when I find a blog that interests me. I obsessively read EVERY POST THEY HAVE EVER WRITTEN until I've run out of things to read. It's a bit of  problem. But it's fun!
I saw a great organizing post she wrote linked to pinterest, and I fell in love. I literally check this one daily since I found it a few weeks ago. It gets me motivated to get up and  organize something!
This blog was found through the above blog. I also read every post ever, and discovered that she's from right here in Indiana too, which made me love her even more. Lots of fun house projects.
I just found this tonight so I haven't read all the posts yet, but a few of her posts that I randomly found made me laugh out loud. Particularly this one.
Just found this tonight too, through the previous blog. Only read a few, but again, laughed out loud. Seems like she's a mom with a potty mouth who tells it like it is, good, bad and ugly, where being a mama is concerned.

Have any blogs you just can't wait to read? Please share!


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