College Night

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It's probably not news to anyone who knows me that I'm sad about my kids growing up. I even briefly mentioned it here.  But today it got even more apparent to me.

I took my kids to their annual well child check-up at the pediatrician. And for the first time in my life, I was asked to leave the room during their appointment. They had to undress, which I had to leave for, AND the doctor asked me to leave so she could speak to my daughter privately. In the teen years, they want to ask kids really awkward questions that they'd never answer truthfully in front of their parents. Things like, "are you sexually active?" and "have you tried drugs or alcohol?"

Hi, I'm old. And so are my kids. And if I wasn't totally eavesdropping outside the door, I'd probably be freaked out.

So, after that, we went this evening to the high school college night, where a bunch of colleges set up tables to speak with prospective students. We've gone before, but now that Emma is a sophomore, it's really not just for fun to inspire her to get better grades, it's for realsies. She's going to college after a couple more years. She's a real prospect now. I took my son Ethan and his friend with us. They wanted to talk to the Army reps. I was like, "Maybe later, they look busy." But really, inside, I was like, "don't talk to them and get any ideas, because I like to spend my nights sleeping, not worrying endlessly about whether I'll see my son ever again."

It's really cool to see the people my kids are becoming. Envisioning their adulthood is not that scary because they are awesome people so far, and I'm not that worried about them being one reckless high school party away from being juvenile delinquents. But it is absolutely crazy to me that the two little people I've known since they were born are starting to make decisions about adult things. The two people who wrote letters to Santa, and whose teeth I once brushed for them, and who I  still kiss goodnight, are going to college soon. 

Did I mention that we are all way too old?


  1. I will probably cry when the time comes for me to leave the room. :(


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