How to do things better.

***#3 in my series of 30 posts in 30 days with Rachel Roo

Today I thought I'd share some thoughts I have on how to do things better. I've found successful methods for certain areas of my life that someone may find helpful.

1. How to make your teenage kids like you.
This one is tricky because each kid is different. I find that behaving differently when their friends are around is key. When no one else is at the house, acting silly and bringing in references to funny videos on youtube they've shared with you is sure to win points. But when friends are over, you must act mom-like and serious, but also act like you love the same music as them and totally know how twitter works. Then buy their friends stuff, like frozen pizzas and sodas and candy. If you really want to make your kids love you more than other parents, you can limit rules and chores and provide unlimited access to tv shows above the recommended tv rating system for their age. But then the other parents will judge you and your kids won't respect you, so really it's not worth it.

2. How to best enjoy the tv show Intervention. 
First step, pour yourself a glass of wine, because A. you aren't an alcoholic, you just drink to enjoy the notes of berry and spices and complexity of an age-old (Biblical, even) beverage, and B. because you'll be more emotionally invested with a little vino lubrication, and C. because it's relaxing.
Second step, feel better about yourself because you haven't abandoned your kids or made your family make ugly cry faces on tv.

3.  How to get motivated to go to the gym. 
You know those jeans you save even though they don't fit but you plan to wear them again someday when you get in shape? Get that pair that is a size up but also don't fit, and wear them around all day. Look in the mirror a few times, and unbutton them while you eat lunch. I did this today, and my alarm is already set for 5:30 a.m. Treadmill, here I come!

4. How to stay up past your natural bedtime writing a blog post.
Step one, make a pact with your friend to post daily for thirty days. Step two, do not think of the upcoming blog deadline or brainstorm any post topics. Step three, attend your church meeting and have Starbucks with a friend at 9 p.m. Step four, begin your post at 11:50 p.m. Step five, remember all the clever blogs you read today and hate yourself for not comparing. Step six, check facebook for inspiration. Step seven, post whatever you wrote because it's now after midnight and your alarm is set for 5:30 a.m., remember?


  1. And then your friend has to break the pact because of dog issues. :( Back on track tonight! :)

    I like your tips on watching Intervention. I shall try this.


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