Incestuous Grandparents.

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I like listening to audio books. I started while commuting to work, as it was a good way to pass the time. Once I started to work from home, I planned to finish the book I was in the middle of  and cancel my subscription to Audible, where I get one audio book per month for a low fee. However, that book I was in the middle of was 30 hours long! It's hard to get through that without the 2 hour a day commute.

I listen while I do dishes, while I drive to pick my kids up from stuff, and while I do projects around the house. It's honestly a nice incentive to get up and work on painting that trim or doing laundry, because I just press play on my phone and get to hear more of the story, instead of just boringly folding Matt's underwear.

There's a slight problem with my current audio book, however. It's called "Middlesex" and it's about a hermaphrodite growing up in the '70's. Problem 1: the title. It seems like I'm reading something really inappropriate but I'm totally not!

Problem 2: Every time Matt walks in the room while I'm listening to this, the author just happens to be discussing some peculiar part. Like what his/her genitals look like. Or the weird incestuous relationship of his grandparents. And then my husband looks at me like I'm a freakshow for listening to a book like this.

It's actually quite interesting but something I think that, should I have been actually reading instead of listening, I wouldn't have continued. It's one thing to read long, detailed descriptions of someone's outfit, and it's a different thing to be listening to that while painting your bedroom ceiling. It's easy to put up with a bit of a slow-moving plot when you are distracted.

I started the book while on a flight for work a couple months ago. (It's 30 hours long, people, don't judge me) and I fell asleep more than once while trying to listen to the first couple chapters. But overall, I'm glad I stuck with it. But I'm excited for a more normal sounding book I've downloaded for my next read: White Girl Problems. Guess I'll be keeping this audio book subscription for a few more months now at least! And hopefully I'll finish painting all the trim in the house by then.


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