Making friends at the gas station.

My friend Rachel (who is posting daily with me for a month) suggested a topic to me when I didn't know what to write about, and her topic was gas stations. She probably was trying to be funny since she was in the car and just said the first thing she saw, but challenge accepted!

I have lots of stories about gas stations. Like when on a road trip I saw for the first time a machine that dispensed condoms in the bathroom. And my sister and I totally bought one because I was 13 and that was HILARIOUS!  I doubt my mom knows about that.

But instead of those kinds of stories, I'll share these two:

When I was 19 I started working at a convenience store/gas station, because I was very pregnant with my second child, needed a new job, and they were hiring. I wasn't picky, because I didn't have a lot of options. The store was in a small town, where literally there wasn't even a stop light, just one of those flashing four-way stops. That job was AWESOME. Until I gained twenty pounds. I had unlimited access to fountain soda and doughnuts. It was actually fun, because I saw the same people every day and really developed relationships with the customers. Thankfully when I quit that job and stopped drinking 15 fountain sodas a day I lost that 20 pounds.

It was neat though, because when I had my son, they put a big sign on the windows announcing his birth, and my customers actually missed me. For a very long time I considered that the best job I ever had.

The other night I went into the gas station, and there were two guys working. One of them was shoveling Whoppers into his mouth from one of those big ol' $3 bags of Whoppers they sell there. So I said to them, "I remember when I worked at a place like this. I gained twenty pounds." And one guy was like, "I know! There are so many snacks around!" And I was like, "I know!"

That's how you start a friendship at the gas station.


  1. Actually, the reason I came up w this topic was because of some really random thing I remembered when we were texting. I was very pregnant and we had gone to Broad Ripple for lunch and shopping. On the way home, you told me you stopped to get a fountain drink at the gas station and accidentally squeezed it too tightly, the lid popped off, and it spilled everywhere. How I remembered that, I have no idea, but I figured all of us have at least one funny/weird story involving being at a gas station. Nice blog on a totally random subject!

    1. I forgot about that! That's a better story! :)


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