Today in the car, in response to something his friend said, my son said, "first world problems." You may have seen that hash tag on twitter. My son didn't say it as a joke, he said it to mean, "isn't it silly the things we sometimes consider problems."

I'd like to say it was an eye-opening experience for me, but it wasn't. I continued to inwardly be upset about a simple accident at our house that has inconvenienced us and will cost money we don't want to spend.

And as I sit here now I realize what a baby I've been all evening because of that. It's an inconvenience, not some huge problem. Certainly nothing compared to what other people are dealing with at this moment. So I'm going to stop being a spoiled brat right this minute.

In other problems-related topics, I mentioned in a previous post an audiobook I was about to start called, "White Girl Problems." I'd read a review that said it was awesome and funny. I'm a few chapters in and I want you to know it is neither of those things. I gave it a chance and I'm cutting my losses. Just a public service announcement to save you time and money should you see this book and think it might be good.


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