My husband spent an hour on the phone with me tonight while he's out of town for work, listening to my stories about my new friends in my church group and my mom's development of Celiac disease, plus he went through a photo album of our wedding pictures helping me decide which ones to get prints of.
(p.s. I need to figure out what all has gluten so I can try and support my mom with some diet changes. I hear beer is off limits. This will not be easy.)

He's pretty awesome.

He laughs at me when I'm being all crazy and Type A, which is super cool because it makes me recognize when I'm being over the top.

He is a great voice of reason when I'm concerned about something, or need perspective on parenting issues.

He tells me how much he values our marriage.

Man, I'm one lucky lady.

How hot is this guy!?
Am I bragging right now? Maybe. 


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