Chicago- A Lesson in Race Spectating

I've been in Chicago for the weekend with the girls to support and cheer on a friend who ran her first marathon.

The city was crazy full of visitors! We were able to learn the public transit system on the fly to take the appropriate trains and subways to get to necessary parts of the race route.

We learned that Chicago doesn't sell alcohol before 11 on Sundays (no pre-cheering bloody Mary's for these spectators).

We learned that ringing the cowbell for an extended period of time can make your arm quite tired. Not to mention that we were carrying posters around all day. Spectating is hard work!

We celebrated the end of our long, hard day by eating Chicago deep dish pizza and recalling all our hilarious moments from the trip.

Spectating is tiring! We are all headed home and looking forward to a good nights sleep.


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