I was a flag.

When a lady has 6 kids and limited income, Halloween costumes require a little....creativity.

My mom did her best, and honestly there was only one year when I regretted wearing the costume my mom helped me create. It was 6th grade, my first time meeting friends for trick-or-treating, and they were all so fancy and cool in their store-bought costumes. I am certain I looked crazy in a rainbow Afro wig, wearing quilted pajamas, and rocking quite unimpressive clown makeup.

Once, mom wrapped an American flag around me and safety-pinned it. I was a FLAG for Halloween. (p.s. she might be arrested for desecrating the flag or something after this story goes public.)

I wore the same pink dress as a "princess" costume for three years straight that I'd originally worn as a bridesmaid in my mom's wedding. That last year it definitely didn't fit.

But I really like home-made costumes now. I try to think of something I can create myself. And I have a GREAT one I plan to share with you all later this week. You're welcome. ;)


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