Matt and I lost a week and a half of our lives, but have white cabinets now.

After a whole lot more work and time and money than we had expected, (I thought it was only going to be two days in this post) our kitchen has undergone a transformation. Which is appropriate, given we used a product called "kitchen transformations" for most of the project. See the product here.

***Be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the post to see my favorite thing ever about home projects: a side-by-side before and after picture.

We started with this: dull, wine-colored walls and 90's oak-colored cabinets, contrasted by the always classy and fancy-looking white appliances.

And the after: bright white cabinets that make the appliances look intentional and really freshens up the room.We also updated the stale paint to a vibrant red-- Behr Premium Plus Ultra  paint and primer in one, tinted to Glidden's Candy Apple GLR05. 
(By the way, Behr, how many superlatives do you think is ok to add to ONE product? I think you might be overselling.)

 It wasn't easy... a little "scrubbing the cabinets with the deglosser" (which sounds way easier than sanding) took half the day and left our arms sore. The "two coats" of tinted primer ended up at least four coats and more in some places. Then you still have to put on the clear coat, and put your whole kitchen back together. But it looks cool now! We'll rest a minute, and then we are going to add some hardware to the cabinet fronts, and freshen up the trim and doors in the room with a new coat of white paint.

p.s. If anyone wants to contribute to the "Lindsey needs a better camera for blog photos so we don't just see iphone pics" Fund, please send me an email.

And for a nice side-by-side contrast:


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    1. I mean, we can't compare to the king and queen of home improvement, the Drabicks, but at least we try. ;)

  2. Great job guys. It looks wonderful. Love the colors.


    Looks fantabulous! I love home renovation. I wish I could paint mine! One day...

  4. Wow! I love the cabinets! Makes me want to paint ours white...I know just who to call! :)

  5. Wow! I love the cabinets! Makes me want to paint ours white...I know just who to call! :)


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