Mystery Text

Today I got a text from a wrong number. Which wouldn't be that interesting of a blog topic, except that the message was cryptic and left me curious ALL DAY.

It simply said, "Rachel knows. And wants to join."

So many scenarios ran through my head while I worked. Randomly I'd think, "Are they planning group relations and this girl wants in? Is mystery texter happy or upset about it?"

Or maybe it's something awesome. Did mystery texter tell Rachel about the skydiving this weekend and she wants to jump too?

Maybe mystery texter is part of a secret terrorist group and Rachel wants to help them carry out an attack? If so, they need to get better at covert communications.

As I told my husband about mystery texter and my fascination with this message, he said, "Why don't you text them and ask?"

So I did:

Just a girl with friend drama. Typical.  

I wished her good luck, she thanked me, and that is the end of that story. But it was pretty fun texting with a stranger and learning about her life. :) Maybe I should text her back on Monday and find out how it went?


  1. On our way to Ohio, my mom got mystery texted and never did find out who it was from. She and I had a great time texting back and forth cryptic messages like they were sending her. Good times....good times. Wonder if anyone's ever gotten married to a person they wrongfully texted?


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