Shelf Makeover. And why my husband and I can no longer travel.

In my recent bedroom makeover, I decided to add shelves to hold the neat photo collection my husband and I started. We've been buying themed frames from places we visit. But the floating shelves I wanted were $30 each and also I wanted to do a project, because I had this half-full can of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint that I was dying to use. So, off to Goodwill!

While perusing the section with shelves, I got a view of these beauties. Geese, anyone? How about heart-shaped cutouts and wooden bows?

I stood in this aisle for about 45 minutes, digging through piles of Geese-themed shelves, when I saw a lady walk up, dig around for a sec, and pull out two floating shelves that were exactly what I was looking for! And she promptly headed to the register with the shelves that should have been mine. I may or may not have stalked her for a minute to be sure she didn't change her mind. She didn't.

But I persevered. And I found these: 

 Quite a bargain at about $6 total, not counting the spray paint I already owned. Not exactly what I was looking for... but, you know, the spray paint...

And the after:

Yes, I know I need a photo in the Maid of the Mist one. I'll get there. And Matt and I can go on exactly zero trips because our shelves that hold our travel photos are full. Poop.


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