My first experience with social networking came years ago when MySpace was cool. Not when it was first cool-- I'm not that hip. I signed up after all my friends were already on board and I was home alone with my kids, newly single and without cable tv. And I was bored and decided to give it a shot.

A short time later, those same friends who got me on MySpace starting using Facebook, and I was again reluctant. As with MySpace, I didn't want to just be someone who joined the bandwagon, not to mention that Facebook seemed lame. I mean, you couldn't even add music to play on your page or customize your background. How was I going to express my personality?

Then, as MySpace emptied of all the cool people, I switched. And I love connecting with friends, sharing photos, and killing time seeing what people are up to all day.

A while back my teenage daughter informed me that no one uses Facebook anymore, and that twitter is now cool. So mainly in an effort to monitor her usage, I signed up there too. I basically just follow her and her friends and a few comedians for entertainment. But I've now realized that I'm behind the trend again. I've decided to give it a shot. But I don't totally get it yet and I have nothing to tweet.

Can someone give me lessons on this? It feels like learning a new language! I get on there and when I see tweets with all those hash tags and at signs I feel like Rosetta Stone should be making a Twitter line. I read a tweet and this is how it looks to me:

@randomperson #idontunderstand bla.hblah/blah @snooki #hilarious


But, I'm trying. If I ever pick this up, I'm listing it under skills on my résumé.


  1. I joined FB a long time ago when I was still in college. And it was super lame (not much different than it is now, actually). Plus, the craze hadn't yet caught on, so barely any of my friends were on there. That's when I decided to go the MySpace route which is, in fact, much cooler. As you said, you can personalize your page, add music, etc. Much better than the robotic FB that I still continue to use daily only because I wouldn't have any friends if I didn't. ;) I ended up deleting my MySpace account a few years back, when all that was left on there was a seemingly creepy group of people looking for dates. Haha! Now, however, they (meaning Justin Timberlake) has revamped the site, and it's supposed to be pretty awesome. Perhaps we should help revitalize?

    In regards to Twitter, it took me a while to figure it out also. Essentially, if you type #hilarious, it will group your tweet with other #hilarious tweets. That's how things "trend". Like, when I watched shark week, if I wanted to comment about something on the show, at the end of whatever I said, I would put #sharkweek. That way others who were watching could look up #sharkweek and see what other viewers were saying. And when you place an @ sign before someone's name, it's basically you talking to them. It shows up on your tweet log, but not necessarily on theirs (unless they retweet it).

    I'm here all night, folks. Here all night.

  2. Now Instagram is the new Twitter & Facebook! This is all happening so fast, I can't keep up. I do like Twitter because I am able to stalk my second husband...Mr. Luke Bryan. Yum :)


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