Dear 15 year old me

Dear Lindsey,

Don't worry about this phase your are going through of listening to grunge music and wearing oversized flannel shirts. You aren't that depressed, you don't need to contemplate ways to disappear because you are alone at lunch. And flannels will look lame when you see pictures of yourself later in life, but each generation has its fashion regrets. Think of those pictures of your mom in big bell bottoms and her 70's shirts. Don't get me started on overalls with one latch undone, the flannels have nothing on that.

Not all relationships end in the kind of ways that inspire Alanis Morisette's You Oughta Know. Stop playing it so much.

Being popular in high school is unimportant. When you are out of high school, literally no one will ask or care how many friends you had or how cool you were.

Making friendship bracelets and coloring in your little brother's coloring books is totally acceptable behavior for your age. And so is watching Saved by the Bell. Embrace your childhood, because it's over too soon.

Keep planning for college and thinking about what you want to be, but make it more important in every day life than you are now.

Just because your friends are smoking and having sex doesn't mean it's required of you, too. You've got the rest of your life to make adult decisions and mistakes. Pace yourself.

And that sex thing-- yeah, it's dangerous and has costly consequences. Like getting pregnant at 16. Want to walk around junior year fat and getting stared at? Want to wear a maternity dress from JC Penny to prom that should be on a 35 year old lady? Want to spend your senior year making bottles and changing diapers instead of having fun with other kids your age? Didn't think so. Your boyfriend loves you, and HE WILL WAIT. And if he doesn't, there are plenty more boys where that one came from.

Listen to your mom when she tells you which friends are a bad idea, and which ones are a good idea. She knows more than you give her credit for.


**dedicated to my 15 year old daughter.


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