When the prospect of traveling comes up, I always think two things:
and.... it better be possible to drive.

I'm scared of lots of stuff, but there's no fear I want to overcome more than my fear of flying. Not only does the anxiety I feel over the impending flight ruin my anticipation and enjoyment of a trip, but it negatively affects my travel companions too.

My friend Rachel was flying for the first time on our girl's trip to the beach a few years ago, and I had no idea it was her first flight until recently... because on our flights, it was ALL about me. I was like, "Rachel, hold my hand. Rachel, I'm so scared. Rachel, how can Dana sleep at a time like this, I'm terrified! Rachel, where's that flight attendant with my vodka?!" I never asked or cared about her experience, I was too overcome with fear.

It turns out, at least I'm in good company. One of my favorite bloggers talks about her fear of flying, and describes it like she and I have the same brain, but hers has an extra humor section mine lacks and more free use of profanity in written language. I highly recommend you read this post, if you like funny things:
Jesus doesn't frown on a lot of things but I'm pretty sure he hates airplanes.... 

I was recently watching my DVD episodes of Sex and the City, which is my favorite show ever, and it was the episode where Carrie and Samantha take a three-day train ride to California so Carrie doesn't have to fly. My thoughts exactly. Except she's a bit surprised by how limited the accommodations are... 
It might be a long trip and tight quarters, but I'd take it if it means I don't have to be in a plane and endure several straight hours of sheer panic. 
Apparently many celebrities also fear flying, and it's their JOB to do it (see here.) So I guess I should at least be glad that I don't HAVE to fly.

But someday, I want to go to a tropical island and see Paris, and long flights will be necessary. I'm going to need some serious counseling and a strong prescription for that. 

How about you? Afraid to fly? Any other phobias you'd like to overcome?


  1. P.S. That's what friends are for! ;-)

  2. I am !!! I know EXACTY the anxiety feeling you are talking about, and what's worse, you don't enjoy your trip as much because you dread the flight home. I don't know what caused mine. I used to fly ALL the time and was fine. Heck, we went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and I was fine. I think part of it is having kids. I can only suspect that maybe that's what causes mine, the fear of being up in the air and my kid being way down on the ground and the lack-of-control feeling of my kid being an orphan if we crash. But I also blame it on a work trip I had to take a few years ago where the plane was so small that people had to move around tp distribute the weight on the plane. I was pretty much gripping the seat for dear life that whole flight and I never liked flying again after that. We are taking a trip to California in the next couple of years and Scott's not too excited that I think we need to drive instawd of fly!! :)

    1. Finally one of my friends understands!!
      I totally support driving to CA. Think of all the wonderful sights you'll see along the way. You'd never see the largest ball of twine from a plane!

  3. I have a very odd fear of deep water and large things in the water. I'm in awe of the ocean and all the life within...but the first time I went snorkling I kept freaking out and finally realized: I can't stand depths. Heights don't bother me at all. I'm so backwards.

    1. I would argue that deep water is another form of heights. That I'm also scared of.


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