2012 was a good year.

 One thing I like about my old-fashioned paper calendar--I can look back through it to see all the cool stuff I wrote down that was happening. It's a nice little trip down memory lane, and it inspired me to do a similar little trip here.

This is not an all-inclusive list. I did lots of other awesome stuff, like parties and fancy dinners with friends, laughs and fun activities with my kids, holiday gatherings with family, etc. But here are some highlights.

In 2012:

I got to work at the Superbowl!

My honey took me on a weekend getaway to Saugatuck, Michigan for Valentine's Day.

I was on a committee to put on a swanky charity event.
Noble Evening in the Garden 2012
My friends threw me a lovely bridal shower.

Future Mrs. Henry
 I ended a 6 year career in banking, and started an awesome new career in higher education!

My daughter went to her first prom.

My friends threw me a bachelorette party!
party animals
 I have lived in Indiana my whole life, but I just went to my first Indy 500 this year. 

I got married!!!
I left the country for the first time ever, and traveled to Niagara Falls for my honeymoon.

I traveled west of Chicago for the first time ever, for a work trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, and saw the Great Salt Lake with great work friends.

I got to be a part of my lovely friend's wedding. I was a part of the "security detail." It was a very VIP affair.
I started an MBA program, and am very pumped to get a Masters degree!

 My husband and I surprised my kids with a very special present--a trip to Disney World!

Looking forward to 2013!

What are your highlights of the year?


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