A Disney Vacation Countdown

So for Christmas we gave the kids a Disney trip. (see link HERE) Pretty awesome, right? We don't leave for 31 days from Christmas and I wanted something tangible to include with the gift to count down the days till we will be on our way to the most magical place on earth.

Pinterest yielded lots of boring results, like those rings you made in elementary from construction paper and strung together for a Christmas countdown. But eventually I found this inspiration piece originally intended for advent and Disneyed it up.


I used Disney scrapbooking supplies and stickers, and a picture frame I had in the garage, plus leftover ribbon from THIS PROJECT and some adorable tiny clothes pins I found at Meijer for $2.

On the back of each numbered piece is a fun Disney fact or an activity like "play Disney scene it" or "pick out your must-see attractions at Magic Kingdom." I found my fun facts HERE.

And here's the finished product:

the back, with all the facts and activities
 What do you think? 

See my other Disney Christmas project, a Mickey Santa ornament HERE.


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