Tonight, with the house to myself, and cold, snowy weather outside, I did what any lady would do with valuable alone time: I watched a romantic comedy and drank wine.

Notting Hill is a great guilty pleasure. As the romantic tension grows, I'm reminded of the great love in my life, and shamelessly post a wedding picture with sappy comment to declare my heart-filling happiness.

Then my daughter texts me from her dad's house, asking about a stuffed animal. Her boyfriend is leaving for Italy with his mom tomorrow (lucky kid) and they won't see each other for two weeks. She asks me to spray a little stuffed puppy with her perfume for him to take along to remind him of her.

All together, now: awww!

He comes to pick it up, and it's an adorable example of young love. Movies just can't compare to real life, people.

Il'l just be here, wiping tears off my face and stuff. And searching the movie channels for more love stories.


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