Young Mom, Old Mom.

Recently I stumbled across a blog all about being a young mom. Man, the internet would have been helpful when I was a teenager having my first baby! But we didn't have it at home yet, plus if we had, it took like 25 minutes to load a webpage so I doubt I'd have stuck it out for long enough to read blogs. Not to mention this blog means "young" as in early twenties, not teens. But I digress.

This got me thinking about my status as a young mom.  I had both of my children by the age of 19.  I'm 33 (as of yesterday) and if my oldest has a child at age 25, I'll be a grandma by the time I'm 43. Here's hoping it's not any sooner.

Most of my friends will have 4th graders or younger at that time. That time when I'm a GRANDMA.

My recent marriage to a younger man with no kids of his own has had a second round of motherhood on my mind. Not that he wants that, but he might at some point. Not that I necessarily want that either, because I haven't so far, but his family sure wouldn't hate having a grandchild in the family before it's  a teenager, which is all they've got as of now. I'm sure they would love a little baby to cuddle and dote on.

But the thing is, I've been a mom since before I could legally buy lottery tickets.  I can't even remember what life was like 16 years ago before another human's concerns were above my own.

If I had another child, it would potentially be 10 when I was also potentially becoming a grandmother. If I got pregnant within the next year, I'd be around 52 before he or she would be 18 and leaving for college.  Holy cow, that would be 34 solid years of my life spent parenting minors!!

When I see pregnant friends, or adorable little babies, I always think of how nice it would be to snuggle another one of my own, and what a great father my husband would be. But then I think of the situations I have encountered so far while parenting teens, and I'm like, No Thank You. And when I'm at social functions and one of my friends or siblings is wrangling their toddler that doesn't want to sit nicely or leave us alone to drink wine and have girl talk, I think, "thank goodness I don't have to deal with that. My kids just go text people when I want to have adult conversations."

So, I guess the point the point of this blog is: I love being a mom, even a very young one. And my kids have turned out great, relatively, so I must have done a decent job at it. And I love the fun parts of having a young child, like giving them new experiences, buying adorable little people clothes, and keeping track of all the cute, hilarious things they say.  But the idea of starting over and committing another 18 years to the diapers and babysitters and teaching them manners and good morals and stuff.... whew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  Unless my husband decides he wants a baby, and then I'll be allll over it, because aren't babies soo adorable??!!


  1. Need a kid fix? Want to swing Matt's mind the other way when baby talk comes up? Borrow my toddler for the afternoon. You'll be sending her home packing and thanking your lucky stars you already have teenagers!!!


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