In Hot Water

There are a lot of things in life that, until you have them and lose them, you don't realize how important they are to you.

Could be as simple as an everyday routine like getting Starbucks on the way to work. You cut that out of the routine, to save money and calories, and suddenly the coffee you rarely finished becomes the most desired thing in the universe.

Maybe it's money. You take a new job with great perks but a paycut, thinking it won't be a big deal, and then you look at your bank account months later wondering where all your spending cash went and OMG I just really want to go out to dinner but I'm broke!

Same thing with water heaters. You take them for granted until 5 minutes into your shower you are praying to the dear Lord to please give you time to rinse your hair before icicles form.

So, we got a new hot water heater this week. A wonderful turn of financial events two weeks before a costly vacation. But I am definitely soaking up (pun intended) the warm, long showers I'm now enjoying with new appreciation. It's the little things.


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