Our Story, via Wedding Brochure

When Matt and I got married, we tried to make it as original as we could, while trying to keep it classy.  We wanted unique, but nothing that made the grandparents uncomfortable. So the gangster rap entrance and chili dog entrees were out.

It actually was really classic and simple, and I loved it. (see the story of our wedding here  and our honeymoon here! )  But we had some neat personal touches, including our save the dates: we made wedding brochures! We love brochures, because we are nerds. And also because our nerdy selves have made silly brochures for each other during our relationship. Like the first time, when Matt wanted to invite me over to play Mario Party on his new Wii, and simultaneously sell me on how cool he thinks the game is, so he made up a fake Mario Party University--yep, with it's own fancy brochure! (p.s. We are both indeed adults, and in our mid- to late-twenties when this was taking place.)

Matt's very clever and fancy brochure from early in our dating.
My favorite course at Mario Party University :)

So, when it came to sharing wedding info, what could be more appropriate?  Here's a peek at the proof from our wedding brochure!

Such wonderful memories. Such a wonderful love story we share.

Any special, unique, personal details from your wedding?


  1. Lovely story. That is a smart step to memorialize your feelings in brochure and some day in future read that to recall how happy were you at your day. Probably, I'm gonna try to do something similar in PowerPoint with brochure templates http://www.poweredtemplate.com/brochure-templates/index.html, seems like its gonna be fun.


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