SATC the Prequel

I have been a HUGE fan of HBO's series, Sex and the City, for years.

I have never lived in a huge city, had designer shoes, been a professional writer, or had a revolving bedroom door like the characters of this show. However, I can TOTALLY relate to them. Aside from the gratuitous sex scenes, it's a funny and endearing show about friends and their love lives. And for some reason, it really resonates with a lot of ladies, particularly those of us that started watching in our twenties, when the show was on air.

I currently find myself in a place of SATC withdrawal.  I own every movie and episode of the show on DVD and have watched them all multiple times.  It's been two and a half years since the last movie (which was a disappointment in my opinion) and NINE YEARS since the series ended.
Seeing SATC 2 with friends, after pre-movie Cosmos.

Well, along comes The Carrie Diaries, a new show about SATC's main character, Carrie, during her high school years.

Sounds exciting, yes? MORE SATC!!?? How awesome is that? Yeah, until you hear that it's on The CW. The network known for airing a bunch of weird shows I've never been interested in. And it's set during high school, which brings up an important distinction that I feel needs explored:

When you are a young adult or a teenager, watching movies about high schoolers coming of age, finding "love," and having first intimate experiences feels totally acceptable, and maybe even nostalgic.

When you are an older adult, perhaps, say, with a teenage daughter, watching tv shows about teenagers and their love lives that include sexual activity makes you want to personally seek out those individuals that approved such nonsense to be shown on tv and make them PAY.

Ten minutes into The Carrie Diaries (of course I watched it, people. It's Carrie Bradshaw) I started getting uncomfortable. They were already talking about sex. In the library of all places. Geez, read a book or something. And not 50 Shades of Gray.

However, the show sorta redeemed itself, later in the episode, when you realize the one girl having sex is a psychopath having an affair with an older man that is clearly not going to turn out well, and the other girl having sex totally gets dumped by the guy afterward in the really cowardly "never talks to you again" way.  In effect, the show starts with a "hehehe OMG we totally had sex!" tone, and ends in a tearful, "why doesn't anyone love me?" sort of way. Which hopefully will teach teenage girls that it's really not so glamorous after all.

Other than the addressing of an adult matter in the show based on a series filled with highly inappropriate topics, I felt "meh" about it. I'm not sold on the main character's portrayal of my imaginary role model, and I felt that the storyline of teen girls losing their mother and being raised by their well-meaning but somewhat inept father was just a little overdone.

I will watch another episode or two and see how they do.

The CW, take note, I'm watching you. Stop telling the teenagers to sleep around. I won't have it.


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