oh, hey, I have a blog and stuff....

Since my last post January 16th, a lot has happened. And those lots of things have distracted me from this blog. Which makes me sad. I love this blog so very much. That said, he's a quick synopsis of my last couple of months.

I went to Disney World with my amazing little family.
I must post a blog about this, because so many great things happened. And if this trip taught me anything, it's that trips to warmer climates during an Indiana winter are REQUIRED from this point on. Also, that I must move to a warmer climate ASAP.

I also got a big promotion at work. I thought I loved my job before, but it's even more exciting now! All those years doing jobs I didn't love were worth it!

I've spent my time working on my MBA, spending tons of extra hours at work that I totally don't even resent, and spending time with my family and my friends.

I've certainly had blog-worthy stories, but writing work emails and papers about business courses have taken all my writing energy.

I'm starting a couch to 5k program tomorrow, my daughter is going on a mission trip this June, and my son is now in track, which will keep me occupied for a while, I'm sure.

I'll be posting a story that is amusing mostly to me soon, along with Disney highlights, and progress on my cool job and apparently a running program.

Thanks for holding my place, internet. :)


  1. Missed you!!!! I check nearly every day for a new post...so HAPPY it's here!!!


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