Why Am I so Morbid?

I think about death too much, I think.

I think about it when I'm driving down the interstate and wonder what would happen if that big semi came into my lane and crushed me into the cement barrier.

I think about it when I contemplate taking a trip by plane.

And I think about it when I think of my kids. Like, what will they say about me when they are grown and I'm gone? And more specifically, when they tell stories about their childhood?

I was recently listening to a podcast and the speaker said, "my mom used to always say..." and I thought, what do I always say? Anything? Will my kids be able to work my words into a charming anecdote later in life?

In thinking on this, I tried to think about the types of conversations I often have with my kids about important stuff. It is usually centered around the being kind to people, the importance of hard work, and teen pregnancy. The last two being dear to my heart.

I emphasize the need to wait in relationships with the opposite sex, and the potential consequences, pregnancy and otherwise. I don't have a go-to phrase though. I try to give real examples of people and situations that have worked hard and achieved much, but again, no catch phrase.

What would those even be? Something witty, probably that rhymes.
I guess I could use old standbys, like "why buy the cow if the milk is free" or "there is no substitute for hard work" but instead I just say, "do you want to end up like ____ and have nothing, or do you want to work hard, go to a good college, and be successful?" or "Don't have sex or you'll end up pregnant too early and have to struggle or else die of aids." Not so cute in an anecdote, no?

Actually I'd like to think it's more eloquent and moving than that, but essentially that's the sentiment. Any one able to help me with this? I need an easy to remember phrase for them to pull from their memory in applicable situations. So that one day, when my CEO daughter is telling her company the secret to her success, she can say, "well, my mom always told me...."


  1. All that I remember my mom (Grama) saying was "tsk, tsk, tsk" when I screwed up which was far too often! Your mom used to say "Cell phones cause brain tumors" but other than that I can't remember anything prophetic or standout-ish that she's ever said either!


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