Mad Men makes me hate and love the 60s

In the 60s apparently drinking at work was encouraged and the mini bar was the office accessory that fancy coffee machines are now. Seems more fun. 

People made risky decisions that had few apparent consequences. Less stress!

No one had to work out. You just looked thin and radiant despite the heavy drinking and smoking. 

All the dresses! 


For ladies, all was terrible. Being married generally equaled incessant adultery and hoards of children you didn't want. Also, sleeping your way to the top was virtually the only mode of success. 

TV. Black and white? No HD? No thanks. 

Asking your husband for permission and money was the only way to get what you wanted. And he probably said no. 

Overall, I will take today over the 60s. Even though I would still like the dresses. 


  1. And if you can't find the dresses....I know someone who can make them... :o)


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