Everything I Knew Was Wrong.

It all started a few weeks ago. I went to the doctor for an annual visit, and was weighed and measured as usual. As the nurse/medical assistant logged my stats, she said aloud, "5 foot four and a half." 

I came home and told Matt about her ineptitude at measuring people, and he scoffed at me.

Indignantly I told him I was 5'6". It's even on my license. I offered to show him.

Matt was unconvinced and grabbed a tape measure. He confirmed it- 5' 4.5"

I've believed my entire life I was 5'6". I sadly changed my height on my weight watchers profile and mourned the change in my healthy weight range.

A few weeks later I was reading  my favorite blog, Brittany Herself. She posted  a video about bra sizes. It is posted below. If you are a lady, please watch.

It's basically about how what most women know as their bra size is wrong. I measured myself according to the directions and it said I was a 32 L.

I've believed for years I was a 34 D. I had all the symptoms the video describes as wearing an ill-fitting bra (dents in my shoulders, center part doesn't touch your body, back pain, etc.).

For fact checking purposes I went to Victoria's Secret, the place I've bought all my bras for years. I tried on the largest cup- 34 DDD. I spilled out the top and sides just like in my 34 D but slightly less so.

I always thought that my issues with fit were just part of life if you are busty. I had no idea I was wearing the wrong size!

 The sales lady came to the fitting room and I explained that it was too small.

"Yeah, you are probably a double F. You should go to Nordstrom."

I went. And tried on a variety of sizes. I left with a few size 34 H bras that fit well, all items fully contained. I no longer have to adjust throughout the day, tuck things back in, or worry about how things look. It's awesome!

I'm converted. I'm ordering more online tonight. And I've got a bunch of 34 Ds if anyone's interested. ;)

Watch the video here:


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