My husband finds it amusing now often I say the word "chemicals" these days. I find it easier to refer to highly-processed, artificially-sweetened, non "clean" foods this way. I have recently joined the clean eating movement. And I'm a big fan. 

It started because I have a facebook friend doing it, who posted things often that got me interested, and then I watched the documentary Forks over Knives. After that, I started doing some internet research, and changing my diet. 

I was doing Weight Watchers before which I think can be a really good start for  people looking to have a healthier lifestyle because you do learn about portions. But the diet encourages you to eat highly-processed pre-packaged foods for convenience of not having to calculate the points as much, in addition to encouraging more fruits and veggies. However, I was not losing weight, and the processed foods were not making me feel good. 

Essentially I'm aiming for clean eating about 80% of the time. I have quit soda and artificial sweeteners cold-turkey. I've been buying organic whenever possible to avoid added pesticides and antibiotics and such. And I'm only eating whole grains, having no bleached white flour. I don't eat foods with added sugar, and avoid prepackaged, processed meats with added nitrates. I use honey if I need sweetener, and I use real (organic) butter and olive oil for cooking instead of margarine or Pam. The goal is for everything to be a whole food, with minimally processed items like breads added. That's my start. 

In just doing this, I have found myself more satisfied, I have plenty of food options, I feel better, and I've lost about 7-8 pounds without really trying. And I have "cheat" meals sometimes. Except I don't cheat with soda or with fried foods. 

Here are some examples of common meals: 
For breakfast, I typically have one of the following: 
Always coffee with organic milk and sometimes honey. 
Ezekiel raisin bread with butter and a banana
Organic raisin bran with organic milk
Organic eggs and fruit
Whole-wheat English muffin with no sugar added apple butter from the farmers market

For lunch and dinner I'll have whole wheat pasta with a "clean" sauce (no added sugar, no ingredients that I can't pronounce), chicken or fish, veggies, organic rice, or something like these items: 

Tuna on Ezekiel bread with lettuce and tomato
corn tortillas with baked fish, homemade corn and bean salsa, avocado, Cholula sauce
Spinach salad with tomato, cucumber, avocado, and blue cheese

I am eating tasty foods! And the only thing "hard" about doing the clean eating is going shopping and reading labels, which I already did on Weight Watchers anyway. I am converted! And I hate processed foods with "chemicals" now.

If you are interested and have questions I love to talk about food so let me know, although I will say I am no expert, and the internet has incredible amounts of writing on the topic, with varying levels of extremes to clean eating.
Bon appetit!


  1. I am curious about the cheese....isn't that processed? Or is it that you get it at the Farmer's Market with no preservatives or is there a difference in the whole cheeses compared to the slices and shreds? I'm really curious because I was trying to avoid cheese just because I thought they all had to have preservatives to keep them from spoiling quickly.

      this link explains the dairy thing... some people are really strict on this but I'm not. I am just using organic milk, and only "whole" cheeses, ones with just a couple ingredients and no packaged shredded cheese because of the additives; I just shred my own. :)


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