I hot glued a bunch of ornaments together. Exciting!

Pinterest told me to make an ornament wreath.

Seriously, every time I opened that page, it was like everyone I know had pinned an ornament wreath. And since I'm very easily swayed by peer pressure (and also the sparkly ornaments are so pretty!) I stopped by the Dollar Tree and bought some $1 packages of silver and gold ornaments, some floral wreath forms, and ribbon.

I had plans to spend that Saturday evening with my friend Rachel, so I brought all my Dollar Tree loot and a glue gun. She supplied the wine and snacks. We piled all our crafting goodies on her living room floor and got started. Look how pretty!

A bottle of wine and a few sticks of hot glue later, this is what we ended up with:

It's a total Pinterest fail. Part of the problem is that the floral foam is so crumbly, that when we pressed ornaments into it, covered in hot glue, it would dry and the foam would just break away, causing the ornaments to fall off. The other issue is that the wreath form was too small for the larger ornaments, and no matter how I arranged it, you could still see the green wreath showing through.

I looked at this failed, half-done project for a week, letting it drive me nuts. I must not be outdone by a Pinterest project! So, I got creative... and just started attaching the ornaments to each other with hot glue, abandoning the wreath form. After attaching them in a circle, I wrapped it up with ribbon to make it fancier. And honestly, I love how it turned out!

 This little pretty, sparkly wreath now sits on my mantle. And contains only $5 worth of supplies.


  1. This is exactly the kind of thing we need to do for our Christmas gathering. You are now officially the Pinterest Expert so think of an idea for us 80s ladies!


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