Gallery Wall

So, hey internets. What's up?

Oh, just trolling Pinterest, as usual? Same here.

Speaking of which, I totally did a Pinterest project recently! I have this crazy big wall above my couch.  It's been difficult to decorate to say the least. Originally we had one big piece of framed artwork there, above the couch.  It was ok, a nice piece my husband owned before our merger of households. But it just didn't really go there, or fit nicely.  Later, I relocated it to above our bed, where it is perfectly suited.

Then, I put three pictures of the kids. But still, it just didn't fill the space. I moved those to the entry. And I hung three framed prints from our wedding. But they were small for the big wall and the vaulted ceilings that extended that expanse of space.

Finally, Pinterest told me I needed a gallery wall. And I listened.

Phase 1: Here's the picture of the "before," above the couch, huge vaulted ceiling not included really, with our wedding photos hung on existing nails.

Phase 2: Here's the part where I created the "gallery wall" effect. If you are in the market for a "how to" post, this would NOT be it. Because those "how to" posts tell you the proper distance your frames should be from the couch, give you tips on hanging your photos, and arranging them, and so on.

I did not employ those tactics. Well, except for about two: I used Pinterest inspiration photos to determine my layout. Then I laid the frames out on the floor. Then I used another Pinterest tip: put some substance, such as toothpaste, on the place on the back of the frame where your nail goes, and press it up against the wall to determine where to put the nail. That, I did.

Otherwise, I just eyeballed it. I measured my layout on the floor to see how far across and how tall it was, and marked that on the wall. Then I hung the center frame. The rest, eyeballs and toothpaste.

In the meantime, I took some great frames I found at Goodwill and "refinished" them for this project. Because I wanted all black frames and all white mats. 

My favorite: this super 90's edition of wall art sold at some Home Interiors party, of which I painted the frame black and both mats (the forest green and the 90's 'country home' mauve) white.

Phase 3: My (semi) finished product. Two frames are still awaiting prints, and this is totally not measured, because ain't nobody got time for that.

Pics are blurry, because, as with most home projects, I did not put forth full effort and took photos with my iphone, once. 
Spacing actually turned out great, because for some frames I made up to three holes in the wall before it was straight. I keep the touch up paint in the garage, and the "hole patching putty" section of Home Depot in business. 
Now, the wall looks artsy and intentionally decorated, which I enjoy. And the wall is big enough that I could extend this project if I want. Great Success! ;) 

For REAL instructions on creating your own Gallery Wall, see 


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