My first half marathon.

I posted before about my decision to try running Here. After many months of casually running short distances using my couch to 5k app, I was finally able to run an entire 5k with my friend Jessica. It felt awesome. We were so proud of ourselves and inspired that we signed up for a half marathon! 

The half was on April 12. We signed up in November. We found a training plan online we intended to follow all winter. 

Then, snowpocalyspe.

Needless to say, we deviated from the plan. We just weren't dedicated enough to run in snow, ice, or -50 windchill. Nor were we able to do more than a few miles at a time on the treadmill. 
As the race approached, we squeezed in a couple longer runs- a couple 4-5 miles and one 8 mile. We are using Jeff Galloway's run/walk method, and we felt great after 8 miles, jogging two minutes and walking 1-2 minutes, alternating the whole time. 

Anyone who runs long distances knows that we didn't prepare enough. But we were determined to complete the 13.1 miles. 

On race day, we were joined by several friends. Two of them marathoners that walk/jogged with us the whole time, and two that had not even trained and planned to walk the whole thing. Which is crazy, but they are an awesome couple that basically can do anything they set their minds to, so I knew they'd be fine. 

The group, pre-race. 
The weather was perfect- a gorgeous spring day, sunny and a little cool but perfect for running. We set off, doing our intervals of 2 minute jog and 1 minute walk. 

The miles truly flew by. It was a great experience, made great by the wonderful weather and good conversation of friends. I really think it would have been a lot tougher without the group we had. 

There were a few times I needed to walk a little more, especially because the course was a little hilly and I hadn't trained on hills. But overall I was happy with our time and the amount we actually ran. 

We ran hard down the last stretch near the finish line, and once we stopped, I could feel the ache in my legs and some pain in my chest from breathing hard, but I felt proud that we finished! 

We collected our medals and post-race fuel and went back to the finish line to watch our untrained walking friends- who amazingly ended up running part of it and finishing just 15 minutes or so behind us! 

Post-race, my legs were sore. Really sore. I didn't walk as much as I should have and didn't massage my legs with the foam roller like all the websites and magazines recommend. I will do that next time for sure! It was tough to walk or stand from a sitting position for a while! 
Two weeks out, I'm having pain in my calves when I jog now, so my jogs have been short and uncomfortable but I'm hoping time will help. I should google that. 
If you are considering starting to run, check our Jeff Galloway's website for tips. I really believe anyone can do a half marathon after my experience- especially since I barely run and am fairly bad at it- and I still finished!

How about you? Planning to try running? Training for a race? 


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