I'm over 50% successful.

In THIS POST from January of this year, I made a list of resolutions.

Honestly I realize that reading other people's resolutions does one of three things to you:
1. Bores you.
2. Makes you have feelings (probably guilt) about the resolutions YOU kept/didn't keep/need to make.
3. Reminds you that you think resolutions are dumb.

In response:
1. I'll keep this brief.
2. Prepare to be IMPRESSED.
3. Resolutions are kinda dumb. Life goals are super NOT dumb.

So here were the life goals I set in January.

1. Finish my MBA. DONE! CHECK! YESSS!

2. Improve job situation. GOT A PROMOTION IN MARCH!

3. Complete half marathon. DONE! Did my first in April! Skipped my second in September. :-/

4. Get in better shape..... work in progress....

5. Pay down credit cards. Oops. Not so much. 

6. Sleep more. Doing alright here! Been getting a fairly consistent 7-8 hours for months now.

7. Eat well. Again, work in progress, but I've definitely cleaned up my act and I continue to improve. 

So basically, I'm over 50% successful here so I'll take it. Already brainstorming the big goals of 2015!

Do you make resolutions? Do you feel bored now?


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