Three Words

Yesterday, all the treadmills were full when I showed up to the gym. Which is totally normal for January 2nd-- but it reminded me that I really wanted to nail down my resolutions! 

Lots of people hate resolutions and lots of people make them and don't keep them. But my sister-in-law has an approach to resolutions that I think even the resolution haters could get behind. She chooses a theme for her year rather than making specific resolutions, and throughout the year, she assesses decisions she makes to see if they fit with the theme. 

For example, should her theme be "wine and pizza" (which it wouldn't be because that's my theme from 2013, I just didn't know it at the time) then each time she started to make a salad for dinner, she'd realize that it wasn't fitting with the theme and furthering the goal, and then she'd order a pizza. 

I love this! I'm really excited to try it out. A quick google search inspired me to go with a "three words" approach. So, here's my theme for 2015! 

Be strong, be nourished, be content.

These three words will be applied to mind, body, and soul. Basically, I hope to accomplish a few things: 

Be strong: I plan to make good use of the healthy body I have. To challenge myself physically to overcome obstacles and acheive new things. Specifically, to build muscles, master some yoga poses, and complete the "15 5ks in 2015" goal I made with my friends. 

Be nourished: I want to fill my life with more of the things that truly FEED me. More time reading and learning and praying. More time spent strengthening my relationships with my kids, my husband, and my friends, because that love is truly soul food. Not like fried chicken and collard greens, but more satisfying, like smiles and hugs. Also, nourishing my body. I've spent too many years having a love/hate relationship with food. I want to keep focusing on eating real food that fuels and nourishes me and doesn't make me feel bad, physically or emotionally. 

Be content: If I had a dollar for every time I complained during the day... pretty soon I'd have to stop complaining about money. Yes, it sucks that I don't have enough cabinet space in the kitchen, and Rubbermaid food storage containers are overflowing the drawers and I keep serving dishes in the laundry room. But I am so lucky to have more Rubbermaid food storage containers than I need and a warm, safe, comfortable home I get to keep them in! I want to stop finding the FLAWS in everything and focus on the beauty and pleasure and happiness in all parts of life. I want to be content with what I have and appreciative of the people and things in my life as they are. 

Throughout the day, all year long, I plan to assess how I spend my time, energy, and money to make sure it is aligned with my theme, and adjust as necessary. 

I'm anxious to know what your three words are! If you are a resolution-maker, please share! 


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